There is a lot of chatter these days about PageRank,  SEO , Relevancy, On-PageRanking, Off-Page Ranking, Facebook this, and Twitter that! … it can make your head spin trying to understand it all.

I remember when we first began research for “make money online”.  We read and researched a lot of Ebooks on what to do, how to do it and where to get started, but… since we weren’t sure which direction to go, it didn’t seem easy to understand so we had to press on and dig even deeper to find our true niche.  We were overwhelmed and excited, knowing we were onto something big with SEO, PageRank and getting incredible Web Presence.

Funny thing…

… looking back, the terminology was nothing less than learning a foreign language.  We are so glad we hung in there and figured it out, because knowing what we know now, is worth a fortune in the future!

So there we were, stuck out there and saying, how are we ever going to learn all of this? … but we did, we just found our way to it through hard work and determination.  Honestly when we started we had no clue what SEO, Domain Registrar, Traffic, Blogs, Back-links or PageRank was.   All we knew was what we used on a regular basis, things like, Google search, emailing, Internet shopping and Mapquest. All this high tech Internet Marketing jargon was way over our heads and quite honestly when you don’t need to learn it, the feeling of not having a reason to understand it, pauses the opportunities behind it.


The inevitable hit us right between the eyes… through a continuation of reading, researching and the “keep digging” mindset, here we are today with a collective amount of over 8000 hours in professional training, online courses, strategic planning and business development; all equivalent to obtaining a substantial 2 year degree… where are we going with this you might be asking… well, I will tell you, now that we are totally equipped with the knowledge to present our own product, we are also positioned to help businesses who are already online and those that are not, by getting wired to the web.

Getting wired means using strategic planning so that our clients’ niche market starts dominating over time on the Internet, therefore capturing more visitors through PageRank and website visibility. Currently we are helping grow the Web Presence and PageRank for Roofers, Realtors, Spas & Salons, Mechanics, Contractors, Massage Therapists, Plastic Surgeons and Professional Dance Studios.

Go here to see what we have been able to do for this particular Roofing Contractor and how we were able to help with incredibly great Online Web Presence on Google.

One thing we learned quickly through all this is that the education and learning never ends because Google will only get better and is a forever changing monster.  Google constantly changes their algorithms (a fancy term for computer code), in an effort to keep up with all this hot new technology, we continue to accelerate our education and training so that we can pass that on to help our clients and as always, improve Online Web Presence and PageRank.

Okay… let’s move onto PageRank…

Page Rank goes a little like this… when someone like yourself types in a search query (a fancy term for the sting of words used in Google) into the Google search bar, Google will come back with pages of results, relevant to your search query.   Google uses the algorithms with over 200 factors to give the searcher relevant results, one major factor is called PageRank.     PageRank is a measurement of importance within the page based on the incoming links from other pages.  So, basically every time someone links from their site to one of the pages within your site it creates a link and over time, all of those links build up, therefore gaining stronger PageRank.  These links are built by humans, this is not an automated function within the system.  Our team builds out these links for you.

Here’s one of the “catches”… not all links are created equal! There are many factors that go into consideration when others are linking to you, and that is their “authority” within the system.  Google gives you “authority.” I know it sounds funny but it is true. Your Website or Blog can have authority over others in the “www” world.  Who knows, maybe someday the pages will have an authority tug-o-war?!

At MegaWire Marketing, we help you build links and during the process we make sure that we add quality links so that we build your PageRank authority.  PageRank does not “add-up” quickly. This is a painstaking process that takes time, one link at a time. There are not shortcuts when it comes to building links.

Caution: DO NOT let anyone tell you that you can trick Google with building PageRank, this doesn’t work and in our industry, this is bad, it is called “black hat”. The last thing you would want is to be penalized by Google for “playing dirty.”   Simply stay clear of those shortcuts; you certainly do not want to lose the authority you have built up.  As mentioned this is not an overnight process, but if done right, it is very powerful. Our team at MegaWire Marketing will help you build your online presence one link at a time.  Check back often for more information.

We truly enjoy sharing our SEO chatter, as I hope you enjoy coming back for more.