… we get the Search Engines to your site.

How would you like to take a thick black permanent marker and cross out all your competition on Google?…If your answer is “yes you would”, then great,  because that is our primary goal in serving you!  If it’s not you or your Company dominating Google, then it will be your competition, and at the rate things are moving forward with the future of Search Engine Optimization, it won’t take long for those who don’t get on Google right now, to get passed up!

Businesses large and small are realizing that Social Media Marketing is not child’s play, it is not a fad, it is in fact the wave of our future, look at  Social Media Marketing it’s the fastest growing sector in Marketing to date.  Search Engine Optimization helps you gain exposure for the long term; it’s not a quick fix that will be here today and gone tomorrow.  Many businesses simply don’t have the budget to employ a full-time SEO or SEM expert, so that is where we come in.

MegaWire Marketing will get you the Web Presence you need, we will also get you ranked on the first page on Google, and with our month-to-month maintenance program we will ensure that you “own” your prime Real Estate positions on Google.

At MegaWire Marketing we realize the old traditional Marketing methods such as radio, tv, mailers, billboards, and yellow pages are not as effective as they used to be.  In today’s economy, it is our mission to take your companies Internet Presence and expose it to greater levels.  The MegaWire Marketing team doesn’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk; we have always been Marketers, long before the Company was formed.

Here is how MegaWire Marketing differs from our competition…


Step 1. We consult with you one-on-one to strategize the best way to get more clients through your door from your site, which ultimately generates more traffic, more sales and a higher return on investment.  We offer solutions by providing various additional ways to monetize your site and provide you with ideas to increase your cash flow through multiple income streams, by using your primary keywords to dominate Google through all forms of our Marketing.

Step 2. We gather our data and build out a FREE assessment and provide you with solutions that fit within your budget, get you “Internet Presence” by positioning you on the first page of Google, we do this by using your primary keywords specifically researched for your niche market.

Step 3. You decide which package fits your budget.  Our packages include; SEO, Link Building, Blog Commenting, Custom Graphic Design, Analytical Reporting, and Article Writing that is 100% Original Content which is then submitted to the top Article Directories.   In addition to that we offer Social Media Marketing including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Video Marketing to get you optimal exposure with up to 70 various media sites and then upload your videos to each of those sites giving you maximum video exposure to wipe out your competition.

Once we get visitors to your site we have additional services like Shopping Carts and Email Marketing to increase your ROI. If that’s not enough, we have also included in our packages, Email and/or Phone support at no additional charge during the time we are providing services to you.

Step 4. After assessing your needs and getting you started with the package that best fits, then our Design Team goes to work.  It all begins with a custom Graphic Header and Blog layout. We continue to work closely with you over the next few months to ensure you get what you expect.  During the process we work on our strategy to get your competition booted off the first page of Google!

Step 5. We offer ongoing monthly maintenance which frees your time and allows us, the experts, to continually fine tune and progressively increase your Internet Presence.  We do this by adding the necessary elements to your site which ultimately keeps the hungry Search Engines coming back for fresh new content.  Our maintenance packages are designed to get you listed on Google first page and ultimately dominate for your main keywords within your niche.

Google Domination

Google Domination

We are two highly motivated, enthusiastic Girls from the Northwest who have a zest for Internet Marketing and a desire to help with all the knowledge we have gained through our own internet marketing experience.  We are armed with over 8000 collective hours of advanced training by Expert Industry Professionals who know SEO, SEM, and Pay-Per-Click.  Not only have we learned how to market but we seek cutting edge strategies and tactics that have helped us get where we are today.

We are absolutely in the right place at the right time and offer our services to all businesses large and small by getting YOU “Wired To The Web.”

When we began, our vision was to simply help struggling entrepreneurs and small businesses and quickly realized our services were no longer a luxury but a necessity.  Not only do we have a strong backbone of experience, we are geared to help any business or any individual who is ready to win and succeed in the battle for the best positions on Google…one click at a time!

So the real question is… will you be in first position on Google and the other major Search Engines, OR will you be left behind?  The Internet is growing like wild fire, so you decide if you want to be the first click of the page and slowly watch your competition drip to the second!

To learn more about MegaWire Marketing Services and Pricing, Please call today, we are happy to help!  Here is a 2 minute video clip on Internet Presence and Google Domination.

*Please note – we do not guarantee or make claims.  The personal service we provide is a proven process through highly experienced, skilled professionals.  Also note programmers can change the algorithms that run the search engines at any given time, which is out of our control.  Be rest assured knowing that our dedication to continued education is a priority in building our business, as well as helping you build yours.