Get the results you deserve using MegaWire Marketing Online Marketing Strategies. Below are the results of a 6 month case study of optimization using local online advertising and website marketing strategies for a client.

One thing to watch closely for is the results for the keywords that the client requested; other keywords were researched and added throughout the campaign for maximum results. Our client ranked for all the keywords used to rise up in local search.

Do you ever wonder how keywords that you didn’t optimize and try to rank for eventually pull your site up?…

Even though you will not see the entire list of keywords researched, I want to begin sharing what other tactics can help optimize a site and help pull it up in local search, this is called local small business search

As a tip, the blog platform is a key component to the overall success when optimizing using keywords within the blog. One of the best is word-press, this platform, when used with word-press plugins plays a huge part in search engine ranking. Google loves word-press, and so do we, which is why we use it for all our clients.

Perhaps I shouldn’t stop just yet, there is one really hot tip that I just have to reveal. Google just changed the landscape of search, yep you heard me right, they changed their algorithm and how everyone will be rewarded in search if they play the game by the rules.

“Game on Google!!”…

Have you noticed how much faster everything moves as you enter your search request? well, let me tell you, your not seeing things, it really is moving and dancing listings around much faster because the new algorithm is done in real time!

So what does that mean exactly…

It means that now more than ever businesses that have been trying to rank for highly competitive keywords have an advantage to get higher ranking in the search engines and we can help you with our local online marketing tips and strategies

This will take continuous non-stop content pushed out into the search engines to keep Google indexing your site, therefore rising your site over time.

There is no magic bullet for results in anything and Google is no different, what I can tell you is if you feed your blog with fresh, quality content, you will start seeing the fruit of your labor and you may even takeover your competition… but that is up to you and how committed you will become to reaping the rewards from Google by following the new rules by using local marketing strategies. So give Google content, make it relevant with links back to your site and you will see that the “game is on!”

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