In Search Engine Optimization, great content increased the likelihood of your website receiving and maintaining a high search engine rank, which ultimately drives qualified traffic and leads to your company website.  Great content requires great distribution to really fast forward your potential using social media marketing sites.

Placing your content in front of the right customers at the right time is key, especially when your customers and prospects have so many online choices for learning about the exact same product or service you are offering.  While there are many ways to drive traffic to your website, one of the most successful and cost effective methods is RSS Feeds.

Content syndication for the Internet refers to the placement of similar content on multiple sites, or the process of pushing your content to your customers, prospects and other opt in subscribers.

The easiest and most effective way to syndicate your website content is to activate RSS Feeds. The content descriptions, news, blog entries, announcements are all big variables that are used in powerful ways to leverage the Internet social media marketing sites

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) lets people opt in to receive automatic updates whenever YOU post new content on your website.  The updates, delivered by an RSS feed, show up on subscribers desktops or web based feed reading applications, where snippets of new content from your site are on display along with a link back to your site.

If your goal is to inform your customers anytime you change your product or service, or if you add a new feature or service, then ask the experts at MegaWire Marketing to assist you in RSS Feeds on your company website.

At MegaWire Marketing, our packages include this feature and our goal is to help you lead generate through driving traffic to your door.  By choosing to syndicate your website content using RSS Feeds, you will reach a wider audience, inform your audience sooner of your latest news and you will be able to give people a choice as to what information they want to receive, which ultimately creates a trusting relationship between you and your target market customers.

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