As the saying goes, it’s a whole wide world out there. This is, very much true when it comes to the virtual space we now know of as the World Wide Web, whose nickname is Internet.

Introduction seems unnecessary, of course, when you are a frequent user of the net. But if I ask you, “Have you maximized the vast resources of the net? Would you answer yes?

If you’re dubious, let’s talk about the simple concept of presence. Imagine yourself at the wee age……of seven. You have a whole lot of lemons, so you decide to make and sell lemonade; because when “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade”!

But the question is, how? This is what you call presence. How do you make yourself available to the whole neighborhood? What is your irresistible offer? Ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day; a cute kid, some ice and you’ve got it made.

In the world of business, this is announcing to the whole world that you are a brand that they should try. This, of course, follows the general flow of product or brand awareness first then after which, there’s the purchase. If you have great lemons that fit well with the “taste” of your customers, you can embrace repeat buying.

With the vast amount of media vehicles available, the Internet is your best shot. Here are top reasons:

One, your virtual presence in the Internet would allow you to be available even if you are physically not.

Second, considering the millions you can reach through this medium, you can divide the cost, summing up to great savings.

So let’s play along with history and while getting back on with reality. Placing analogy, you can imagine yourself again as a cute seven year old, but this time sharing the neighborhood with the rest of 100 seven-year-old kids in the neighborhood, selling lemonade, with the about half of them selling their ice cold lemonades at three to four cents.

Does it complicate presence a little bit? Somewhat, yes! As you create your lemonade stand in the World Wide Web, you will need help; and that my friend is where MegaWire Marketing can help you.

Lemonade, anyone?