Google Caffeine AlgorithmCritical updates you need to know about in Google Algorithm changes for 2010, it’s crucial to have fresh and consistent relevant content on your blog more than ever before if you want to rank in the top positions in Google.

Let me ask you….

Do you ever have those days when you are on a roll, doing something other than work and suddenly the words come to mind… I should just go check my messages really quick, and then I will get back to this…

Well, THANK GOD I had one of those moments today! ….

Trust me, I don’t get to excited about emails these days, but since it is part of doing business, I thought I would skim over my in-box to see what was there….the ONLY thing that caught my eye was the word “Google”, the first sentence read, “new things happening in the world of Google; with much intrigue, I sat down to continue reading.

You will never guess what happened in that moment, in fact in just that one split second of a moment, my entire day changed, and I am not kidding.

Google Changes 2010Now, you are probably sitting there thinking to yourself, why should I continue reading mumbo jumbo about Google, right?! … well if you do one thing today to change your business, and perhaps change your life, then I am going to be bold and brave and say…


what I’m about to share with you is the inside scoop on what Google just did that literally changes the game of getting ranked in search. What I’m about to unveil to you will hands down give you that edge you might need to understand how to crush your competition in whatever business or industry you are in.

So before I get to the good stuff, I want to briefly tell you, I may be a bit more excited about this than most due to the fact that I’m an entrepreneur and my business relies on information of this matter, but even if I wasn’t a successful Internet marketer, I would be just as interested, and here is why…

Nowadays and especially in a down market, every business depends, (or should) on the Internet to get their business to pull up in the search engines, and if they don’t, they probably lie awake at night worrying how they are going to stay in business, really…. it is the truth, I hear it all the time and quite honestly, I’m tired of whiny people who don’t take action when something so effective as using the search engines as a marketing strategy is so effective.

So this post is not just about Google in general it is about what to do in Google using keyword targeting, commercial intent and knowing just how darn effective article marketing continues to be.Google SEO Changes

What I learned today that has given me total confidence in my business of helping offline small business a way to get an online web presence is absolutely, positively confirmation that I have been doing everything right and offering services to businesses that I can honestly say will work to get ranked on the first page of Google.

So what is it?

Google Instant with a twist… I know sounds like a marketing martini doesn’t it! … no, but seriously, even though Google Instant can be a bit assumptive and annoying, it certainly is impressive at just how much horsepower it has.Google Algorithm Content Changes

What is so intriguing to know about Google Instant?

I’ll pack the punch right here, right now… With Google Instant comes a new algorithm, yep, you heard me right, a brand new algorithm that is going to shake things up and allow the action takers a boost to the top.

No longer will those people who used to dominate the first page for the past 2-5 years just be able to sit back and rake in the dough.  Nope!  Finally it’s a level playing field; it will take action, so listen up Google fans…

Many of our sites have not only seen a large increase in traffic, but rankings for some very competitive keywords have shot up dramatically.  Some of you heard at the release of the caffeine algorithm, Google is going to be rewarding content drivGoogle Algorithm Changesen sites now, more and more, and this is your wake up call, the reality is here!

It’s ShowTime, let Google see what you got.

Blogs will be more important than ever, because FRESH content has become the new King.

So feed Google fresh content on your site and you WILL BE REWARDED, period!!!

So there you have it…article marketing and fresh blog content really is the Google ingredient that works to keep you at the top.  Now you can’t say I didGoogle Algorithm Changes - Own Google Real Estaten’t tell you so!

The one thing that is obviously negative about Google Instant is that it definitely takes up some valuable real estate. When you put in ’suggested’ keywords shown by using the dropdown, it effectively removes one or two of the top organic search listings because now Google has the “paid search” results hogging the first 3 positions, but remember folks those are “paid advertisements” and not organic.  It has been proven that organic pages get more clicks than the paid searches.

This means it is going to become even more important to be at the top of the search rankings. I’ve told clients it’s crucial to be one of the top 5 listings, however now with the decrease in screen space above the fold (which is everything you see without scrolling down the page); you NEED to be in positions 1, 2 or 3 to hit the sweet spot.

There is certainly no doubt that the elimination of available space certainly makes the paid ads more prominent as they now take up a larger proportional percentage of the screen.

The BIG bonus…

The main downside to the new interface is a smaller piece of real estate for organic listings. Not a big deal for as marketers interested in searcGoogle Algorithm Changes - Quality Contenth engine optimization (SEO), we are used to the competition. However, there has to be a huge upside here for someone, right?

There sure is. The people who own the top 3 listings should see a dramatic increase in traffic as it is only human nature for us to click on what we can see. And if you can only see three to five listings now, the click through rate of those sites will definitely rise strong.

So how do you get rankings like this for hundreds and thousands of keywords?

Simple!  I’ve been preaching it for years…



Target a varying group of long-tail and short tail keywords for your niche. Write or get well written articles done for you using our services

Here is another tool that will help you with knowing what keywords actually convert.  These guys who built this tool are nothing short of GENIUS. There is a TON of free training on their site and I highly recommend that you watch their videos to understand even more about how Goggle works and how you can “beat the system”.

Want to know a little secret and the product we use to help us be successful, this is the tool we use to get the knowledge to build websites, rank in Google and even how to get rankings for quality content, it’s our  Keyword Marketing Research Tool, this is just one of the powerful tools in our toolbox, it will become your best friend, trust me!

Keep sending out one or two articles per week for each of your sites and you will see massive results.

Hey listen, I’m not trying to turn this into an advertisement for article Google Algorithm Changes - Quality SEO Contentmarketing, but you can clearly see that this methodology is extremely effective to driving top search engine rankings.

And yes, you should be using video, podcasts and press releases as well as discussed in our free report.

So the magic formula once again is…

Target long-tail, and short-tail keywords – write quality content and submit articles weekly. If you don’t have time or know how to do this, I suggest you turn to us for some help, because that is what we do and learning tips like this is how we will keep your sites and ours at the top.

So there you go, that is my Google food for today, I hope you enjoyed learning and we do hope you bookmark our site, opt in for more free valuable content and like us on Facebook.

To your success,

Pj Smith Jodi Carwan

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