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How can I optimized my website for Google so that my business comes up first?

First off… every business needs to understand the importance of using a platform that will help them to achieve this goal.

What I can tell you is that Google will come to your website if it is optimized using the right platform. If it isn’t then chances are high you will struggle with lead generation. Read the rest of this entry


As the saying goes, it’s a whole wide world out there. This is, very much true when it comes to the virtual space we now know of as the World Wide Web, whose nickname is Internet.

Introduction seems unnecessary, of course, when you are a frequent user of the net. But if I ask you, “Have you maximized the vast resources of the net? Would you answer yes?

If you’re dubious, let’s talk about the simple concept of presence. Imagine yourself at the wee age… Read the rest of this entry


Google Domination

It’s common in today’s society and in the workplace to hear people talking about Search Engines, Ranking and Linking..  We also understand there’s often the question of “how” and “why”.  At MegaWire Marketing, we go beyond Ranking and Linking, we help businesses of any type and size dominate the first page of Google.

We start with your primary keywords and get your business ranked using those Keywords. Our popular maintenance program, allows for continued growth with your site by adding more Keywords, more Linking, and more content.  Then, through this process, along with using other cutting-edge techniques… Read the rest of this entry


There is a lot of chatter these days about PageRank,  SEO , Relevancy, On-PageRanking, Off-Page Ranking, Facebook this, and Twitter that! … it can make your head spin trying to understand it all.

I remember when we first began research for “make money online”.  We read and researched a lot of Ebooks on what to do, how to do it and where to get started, but… since we weren’t sure which direction to go, it didn’t seem easy to understand so we had to press on and dig even deeper to find our true niche.  We were overwhelmed and excited, knowing we were onto something big with SEO, PageRank and getting incredible Web Presence.

Funny thing…

Read the rest of this entry


What the heck does “Getting Wired To The Web” mean anyway?

Who would ever imagine that the two of us would go from Real Estate to Social Media Marketing.

I surely didn’t!

One of my very favorite sayings in life is “When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade” and that is exactly what both of us are doing.  Our life is so much different than it once was and we are forever thankful life took this sharp turn and led us in the direction we are heading… Social Media Marketing and helping others with Online Marketing through Web Presence is truly a blessing in our lives.

Getting Wired to the Web” simply means working with a broad clientele of any trade and taking businesses to the Internet and heavily marketing a business by creating a strong website presence on Google.

Our focus in wiring businesses to the web is nothing less than our strategic approach to get the business to “own” NOT “rent” Google Real Estate by… Read the rest of this entry

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